Leverage Fortune 500 Sales Training

Sales training is a process- not an eventLeverage Fortune 500 Sales Training.  Sales Horizons has taken the sales training programs offered to Fortune 500 salespeople and have now made them available to individual sales reps. The knowledge and skills introduced are time-tested to generate sales success.




Three more reasons why Sales Horizon online sales training courses are different …

  • Focus on Complex B2B Sales.  B2B sales are not just big transactional sales; they’re very different – from the length of the sales cycle to the customer network to the consequences and rewards of winning and losing. So salespeople need to broaden their sales skills to successful sell to major B2B accounts. Sales Horizons programs were designed specifically to sell to complex accounts where sales cycles are longer, more people are involved in the buying process, and competition is keener.
  • Efficient, Affordable Sales Training.  A hallmark of the online sales training courses is that they are efficient and affordable. They focus on the key sales skills you need to succeed in complex sales – there’s no fluff.
  • Blended Sales Training That’s Customized.  For many companies, the ideal sales training solution is blended sales training where online sales training courses are paired with a customized sales simulation. With this solution, companies can leverage the strength of both learning methods while optimizing their sales training investment. Online sales training courses introduce knowledge and skills while the sales simulation provides further skills development through practice and feedback.