Online Sales Training for Companies

Blended sales training works

Blended sales training combines the best of all training methods to prepare your sales team to meet sales challenges.

  • An effective, efficient, and affordable way to train your sales force.
  • It leverages the power of online sales training + sales simulations 

What are sales simulations?

Sales Simulations immerse your sales reps in a selling experience that replicates your marketplace. Each Sales Simulation is customized for your company,

Your sales reps:

  • Experience an entire sales cycle from opportunity identification to closing the deal
  • Compete against other teams
  • Receive in-depth feedback on sales skills and sales strategy throughout the sales cycle
  • Integrate all their previous sales training and product training

What is unique about the sales simulation?

The level of customization and the amount of time spent on practice and feedback make sales simulations unique.



The sales simulation is 100% customized for your company. You identify a specific business scenario and a company is created to allow your sales teams to tackle the sales challenges in the customized business scenario.

Working with Sales Horizons, you create the simulated company, such as: the competitors, marketplace changes, critical sales challenges, common objections,and the roles within the simulated company on whom the salespeople will have the opportunity to make calls.


Practice and Feedback


85% percent of the time is spent on practice and feedback.  Learning occurs in three key ways:

  • Strategy Planning Sessions. Each team spends plans an overall strategy and calls to execute their strategy.
  • Sales Calls. Following each sales call, the sales team members provide call-specific feedback.
  • Class Debriefs.  Each call is debriefed at each table and lessons learned are shared as a total class.




Want to learn more about sales simulations?

Join Dick Ruff to learn more about why companies find sales simulations to be very effective.