The script expects the user to provide a numerical load average as an argument. It then saves the value as a variable named “load”. It backs up the existing configuration file for CSF before modifying it using the sed command to replace the current load value with the provided value. It then prints out the new value set as confirmation, restarts CSF, and lets the user know that it restarted.


Just run the command and provide whatever value you want the load threshold to be.

[root@cloudvpsserver ~]# nk_csf_load_threshold 4
PT_LOAD_LEVEL set to 4
csf restarted.


nk_csf_load_threshold() {
# nk_csf_load_threshold expects to have a load number provide. Print error and exit if blank
if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
    echo "You must provide a numerical load average"
    return 0
# Otherwise the value the user provide is saved as variable load.
# First back up the existing config file.
cp -a /etc/csf/csf.conf /etc/csf/.csf.conf."$(date +%F)"
# Then modifty using sed to replace the current load value with the variable we created earlier.
sed -i 's/PT_LOAD_LEVEL = "[0-9]\+"/PT_LOAD_LEVEL = "'"$load"'"/' /etc/csf/csf.conf
# Print out the new value set as confirmation.
grep -E "^PT_LOAD_LEVEL" /etc/csf/csf.conf
# Then restart csf, redirect stdout to /dev/null to keep it from flooding the terminal.
csf -r > /dev/null
# Let the user know we restarted csf.
echo csf restarted.

Author: Nichole Kernreicht

Created: 2023-04-09 Sun 21:36