This is a Bash function called nk_cdd that changes the current working directory to the document root directory of a specified domain. It first checks if a domain argument is provided, and if not, it prints an error message and returns. Otherwise, it uses the nk_docroot function to determine the document root directory of the specified domain and stores the result in the docroot variable. It then prints a message indicating the directory it is changing to, and uses the cd command to change to that directory. The || exit ensures that the script exits if the cd command fails for any reason.


[root@cloudvpsserver ~]# nk_cdd nkern.net
Changing directory to: /home/nkern/public_html


nk_cdd () {
# nk_cdd expects to be receive a domain as an argument.
# Print message and exit if one isn't provided.
if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
    echo "you must provide a domain"
    return 0

# In order to change to the docroot we need to know what the docroot is.
# simply set the variable docroot to the result of running nk_docroot on the domain provided.
docroot="$(nk_docroot "$1")"
# Print a message of where we're cding to
echo "Changing directory to: $docroot"
# And go there. Shell check yells at me if I don't include the || exit.
cd "$docroot" || exit

Author: Nichole Kernreicht

Created: 2023-04-09 Sun 20:41