nk_toolkit is a collection of functions that aim to make admin life a bit easier. Please note that this is a working prototype and not a full release.

If you have any questions or feedback please reach to me on Slack @nkernreicht


nk_toolkit can be used on any linux server, however these scripts are made for WHM/CPanel and should not be used on other servers yet. Once you are root on a server, simply enter in the following command.

source <(curl -u "lwadmin:1UtwkK4HKNV" https://nkern.net/nk_toolkit.sh)

That’s it you’re all set, you can now use any of the commands available in nk_toolkit. Because this tool runs off your current bash session, it leaves behind no files and the commands will no longer be available once you log out.

Available Commands

Here are some of the commands available and how to use them. Note: the commands link to their respective pages.

Command Description
nk_docroot Provides docroot for given domain
nk_php_version Provides php verion for a give domain.
nk_user Get the username for a provided domain.
nk_enable_fpm Enabled PHP FPM on a given domain
nk_sarmaxes Print the highest Load and Memory usage from sar logs
nk_list_all_domains List all domains on the server
nk_ttfb Get the time to first byte of a domain
nk_ttfb_all Get the time to first byte of all domains on the server
nk_response_codes Get the HTTP resonse codes for all sites on the server
nk_all_docroots List all document roots on a server
nk_email_disk_usage List email addresses with the highest disk usage
nk_fpm_stats List PHP-FPM config information
nk_cdd Move to docroot of provided domain
nk_list_all_wp List all WP sites on the server
nk_robots_check Check for the presence of robots.txt, xmlrpc-blocks, and wp-cron status for all domains
nk_xmlrpc_block Block xmlrpc in htaccess for a given site
nk_create_robots_txt Creates a robots.txt for a domain with crawl delay of 10
nk_csf_load_threshold Adjusts the LFD alert threshold.
nk_curl_bypass_cloudflare Get curl headers from a domain by bypassing CloudFlare. Works similar to an /etc/hosts file
nk_logs_from_timestamps Get combined domlog info for a domain given a timestamp. Works even if logs are archived
nk_top_ips Get information about the top IPs hitting a domain
nk_traffic_break_down Display traffic information for all domains.
nk_load_watch_from_lfd_notifications Find loadwatch logs closest to LFD notifcation emails
nk_wp_cron_disable Disable wp-cron and add matching system cron. Update if wrong version
nk_help Print link to documentation
nk_percent Get the percent of two values.
nk_base_stats Generate basic stats for the server.
nk_extract_tar_gz Extract a tar.gz file without remembering all the flags
nk_wp_admin_create Creates a wp admin for a wordpress install. Auto expires
nk_php_ini_stats Find if there’s php.ini files present for a domain
nk_list_all_users List all the CPanel users.
nk_user_disk_usage Get disk Usage for all users.
nk_domain_disk_usage Get disk usage for all domains.
nk_memory_by_users Get the current memory usage for all users on the system


There’s a page dedicated to ideas / scripts in progress. You can view it here.

Author: Nichole Kernreicht

Created: 2023-04-12 Wed 20:53